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Yard Work Safety

yard work

By Terry Hurley
Every year the changing of the seasons brings millions of Americans outside to do seasonal yard work. As winter turns into spring, homeowners head outdoors to clean up their yards and remove debris from their gutters as they get ready to spend more time outdoors during the warm summer months.

As summer comes to an end and the weather turns crisp and cold as autumn begins. Many of the same homeowners find themselves raking piles of leaves, clearing away dead plants and foliage and once again cleaning their gutters.

The hot summer months in between spring and fall are a time of outdoor fun and relaxation but they are also is a time of more outdoor yard work. Gardens need to be planted and cared for, lawns need mowing and weeds need to be wacked.

For many people yard work is a form of fun and enjoyment. Sadly, it is also a time of aches, pains and injuries. Know how to keep yourself safe while you are working outside by taking safety precautions and being aware of safety tips for working in the yard.

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